RotJ Game Snapshot

Today is Natunda, the 24th Day of the Month of Kelona.
The game last rebooted Wed Oct 20 02:17:59 2021 and has been up for 0 days, 10:17

Faction Report

  • Galactic Status: The Empire is gaining ground around the galactic core.
  • Force Balance: The Jedi Council influence has spread beyond the core worlds.
  • Black Sun Situation: Black Sun has a moderate amount of power and influence.
  • Techno Union Situation: Techno Union has a moderate amount of power and influence.
  • Criminal Spice Rating: 0

Planetary Outposts

  • Tatooine Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Demophon Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Corellia Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Thyferra Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Minos Cluster Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)

Other Information

  • Legend Kills: 20
  • Mobs in Game: 27560
  • Objects in Game: 24283
  • Rooms in Game: 36728

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