RotJ Game Snapshot

Today is Datunda, the 13th Day of the Month of Kelona.
The game last rebooted Mon May 10 11:24:16 2021 and has been up for 4 days, 10:40

Latest Galactic News

  • Legislation has passed the Senate on a new Trade agreement between Demophon and Coruscant.
  • Venerated Jedi Master Yoda has been killed by unknown agents.
  • Legislation has passed the Senate to Levy new taxes on the Populace.
  • Legislation has passed the Senate to ease penalties on small time criminals.

Faction Report

  • Galactic Status: Galactic rim territories have broken free.
  • Force Balance: The light side has reached almost every corner of the galaxy.
  • Black Sun Situation: Black Sun has become as powerful and influential as possible.
  • Techno Union Situation: Techno Union has become a major power in the universe.
  • Criminal Spice Rating: 1

Planetary Outposts

  • Tatooine Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Demophon Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Corellia Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Thyferra Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)
  • Minos Cluster Outpost: Unclaimed (Level 1)

Other Information

  • Legend Kills: 522
  • Mobs in Game: 30252
  • Objects in Game: 27632
  • Rooms in Game: 36724

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