January 2020 Update

The hits keep on coming with two new zones, no more player corpses, and a major Sith Lord overhaul. Check out the full changelist below:



Play the (spoilers, if you have not seen The Rise of Skywalker) endgame of the Skywalker Saga! Levels 80-100. Exegol brings Rey, Ben Solo, and the Reborn Emperor Palpatine into the game. Seek them out at your peril. Designed by Foosha, so you know who to curse for your deaths. Jump 999.


Midbie zone designed for players around level 50. Designed by Viggy, so you know who to thank for your XP. Jump 427.


The Pit is now open!

Buy a key from the Legend 1 shop (cost: 1 QP), then head to the Mos Eisley underground and search out the entrance, to face a new 101 and a new 120.

More mobs have killed enough characters to become Legendary:

  • Joruus C’Boath
  • The Guardian (Daretta)
  • Ivpikiss
  • Sh’th’Kh
  • Shreeftut
  • Vlekon
  • Project Infiltrator
  • The Termination Droid
  • Hologram of Darth Sidious
  • Admiral Ackbar
  • Tamtel Skreej

New Commands

  • Evaluate corpse identifies everything in the corpse. Useful for kills.
  • Showdamage: shows damage numbers next to your attacks.
  • Screen reader and mobile allow players to show that they’re playing from a mobile device or with a screen reader (or both!)
  • Setprompt now lets you set your prompt, instead of prompt, to reduce the chance of accidentally deleting your prompt when you type prompt.


Character Corpses Removed

Your EQ now stays with you when you die! You still suffer wounds, subber death (if over level 60), and server death (if served).

Sith Lord Overhaul

Sith Lord received a major overhaul. Here is their skill tree (new and returning skills bolded, changed skills italicized):

60 – Enmity – group Fury
65 – Force Lightning
70 – Fear – 25% attack avoidance when cast on self.
(Note: previously the reduction was much smaller.)
75 – Foresee
80 – Submit – sets alignment to full evil.
85 – Darkness
90 – Despair
95 – Leech Life – regain hitpoints taken from your enemy.
(Note: amount is affected by alignment.)
100 – Essence Transfer

Zone Updates

Exp Upped

  • Thyferra Space
  • Cato Neimoidia
  • Dantooine
  • Wayland
  • Manaan
  • Mos Espa
  • Daretta
  • Vexia Space
  • Zhar Stormtrooper Base
  • Liberty/Wheel
  • The Jawa Sandcrawler
  • Sumitra
  • Tatooine Desert
  • Tatooine Pirate Ship
  • Ord Mynock
  • The Convoy
  • Bakura Corporation

Mob classes & levels adjusted

  • Kallistas
  • Cavrilhu Pirate Base
  • Mandalore
  • Dathomir

Levels, classes, and XP

  • The Maw Science Installation & ISD Gorgon
  • Myrkr
  • Felucia
  • To-Phalion Research Base (this one mostly lost exp)


  • Bilbringi (444) – exp normalized
  • Borleias (434) – level’d, exp’d and fixed it so things are actually ships
  • Scarif (909) – lowered space damage slightly


EQ from 101s/120s now personalizes on pickup. You can use the above-noted eval corpse to see the stats of items. You should random with teammates for items before looting them. To prevent unintentional personalization, autoloot and get all corpse do not loot items what will personalize.

SP/QP Exchange Tokens added to the Legend 1 Legend shop.
(Note: this is under playtest and may be removed.)

  • Upper/Downers removed from the Legend 6 store.
  • Medical resources can now be purchased with XP.
  • Cave Monster does something new and fun.
  • Darth Bane – lowered cash and exp to more reasonable levels.
  • Asajj Ventress (Rattatak, 720) – mob and gear buffed.
  • Scarif – Buffed Scarif 101s since access is lowered.
  • Celk/Shana – less OP

Warlord Updates

  • GM Door – Removed door to Vor’corhk (875) so level one Warlords can level without having to ask someone to slash or bash the door for them.
  • Strike Force – Warlord strike force is now the same as Commando strike force.

Medic Updates

  • Self-healing – removed the .5x penalty to self-healing for Medics.
  • Combat Healing – doubled combat healing exp bonus from 4x to 8x.


  • Modifiers for damage, heal, regen, exp, repair, and gold are no longer capped at five.
  • Regen scales from 30% at level one to 5% at level 100.
  • AC now affects how much mobs hit/miss you in a not insignificant way! Also, AC is now on a scale of 0-200, with more being better.
  • (Note: Please report any EQ, procs, skills/spells, or other game elements that still modify XP in line with the old system (-AC being good, +AC being bad). They should be reversed/inverted.


  • Practice in space will now show pskill.
  • Lu-ramin and cyanogen to be added to land prompt.
  • Qkill added as a command word for quickkill/slay.


  • Removed exp cap for unapproved characters.
  • Alwolf’s newbie quest has been re-added!
  • You can find personal parts to build all the t1 personals without leaving your guildhall/Kallistas/pilot guildhall


  • Caretaker is buffer, gear is slightly better.
  • The Chimaera has new life.
  • Senate on Nesquin – has been brought more in line with his zone.
  • Removed Legend flag from unkillable shopkeepers.
  • (Known Issue: some shopkeepers on Hapes [J 093] are still Legendary).


  • Defibrillate now no longer requires resources.
    (Known Issue: using in combat triggers flee lag like starting combat with a stun skill does).
  • Cheat failure cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 300.
  • Trip no longer fails 100% in combat.
    (Known Issue: using in combat triggers flee lag like starting combat with a stun skill does).
  • Summon Bodyguard now created significantly more buffer bodyguards.
  • Backstab now has a two second delay upon success.


  • Habitat keys – more now drop 100%.
  • The Shredder is now Smuggler only.


  • New Space quest zone (Foosha).
  • New Land quest zone (Foosha).



  • Geonosis belt. You can now attempt to enter Geonosis arena without fear of crashing the MUD. Notice I said attempt. Safe passage across the belt is not guaranteed.
  • Another Darth Bane punt crash.
  • Northern Scarif tram crash – to fix this issue for now, the northern tram will no longer carry your entire group at once.


  • Gabredor – you no longer go negative 2,000,000 movement in some rooms, giving access to two “new” legends – Sully Tigereye and Hugo Cutter.
  • The Forest Drebbin insta-kill proc once again is avoidable.
  • Drebbin procs that weren’t firing will now fire.


  • Exp bonus issue fixed.
  • Room messages, like the barrier fields that separate Qui-Gon from Darth Maul on Naboo opening and closing, no longer show up while you are sleeping.
  • Vault Darktroopers and walkers on Gabredor can no longer prevent you from fleeing every round.
  • Items no-longer re-personalize when removed from containers.

Alwolf’s quest:

  • Alwolf’s inventory won’t fill anymore
  • Alwolf typo


  • Nospam – Critical hit messages from offensive fighting are now hidden by nospam.


  • The sniper scope dropped by the Mandalorian Sniper at the top of the guard tower now upgrades a weapon to be a sniper rifle, instead of adding the nolocate special system. (Thank you to reporter: Zaena)
  • Junkin (Endor, j 168, land) now loads the proton charge to destroy the Death Star’s shield more than once per uptime.
  • Objects will not ‘super stack’ anymore, i.e. load over and over until there are many of them in room where there is intended to be only one (or a certain number).
  • All randomly dropped install kits for secondary weapon systems now have damage.
  • Admiral Ackbar’s sleeves now give the bonus to Leadership they say that they do.
  • Leadership now gives the bonus it is supposed to when wearing sleeves other than Admiral Ackbar’s.


  • Prison Ship “should” be fixed.
  • There is now a way to bring down the Star Forge’s shields without needing a Droid to disable them.
  • Removed access to unfinished areas of The Habitat (J 969).


  • Salvo no longer works on land.


  • You can no longer attack the Postmaster.
  • Errant Venture won’t punch anymore.
  • Wookie Doctor (654) and Yaddle (692, Jedi Guild) can now cast their healing spells on players again.
  • Tuskan Chieftain now correctly does what they should on death.
  • Bespin Vader’s proc text is fixed.
  • Wayland Stormtroopers no longer can see through darkness.


  • Habitat keys—more habitat keys now load 100%.
  • Solar slave key from ship in Demophon space now loads correctly.
  • Ryloth keys should now load more than once per uptime.


  • Scarif X-Wing.
  • Booby traps on Gabredor updated to make sense when you hit them while hovering.
  • Medic Guild testing machine messages.
  • Lightning Claw message would start with numbers.

And more…

There are more mob, room, zone, key, door, object, and typo fixes than have been listed here.

Please keep the reports coming with bug, typo, and idea in-game, and in #bugs and #suggestions on Discord.

Thank you for playing!

Thank You

Huge thanks to Foosha, Viggy, Croop, Inchoa, and Taksun for all the work that went into these updates.

New Year’s Update!

The updates have been coming hot and heavy over the past few weeks, thanks to Inchoa and Taksun, builders like Wily and Foosha, and suggestions from many players in Discord. Log in and check out the new changes, hang out in Discord, let an imm know if you’d like build, and report bugs and suggest changes via the help desk. Here are the latest changes:

Game Design Changes

New Zone!

A new zone, Den of the White Worm, is now live on Corellia! Designed for levels 25-55, the zone brings the first addition from Solo: A Star Wars Story to the MUD. A big thanks to Wily for building this zone! Follow the smell of trash to find the Den’s entrance.


  1. Death traps no longer destroy all of your eq. Death traps now destroy a certain percentage of your EQ (a la subber death), with the following percentages: 100%, 50%, 25%, and 12%. I.e. you have 100% chance of losing one item, 50% of losing a second item, 25% on the 3rd, and 12% on the fourth. Death trap subber death maxes out at 4 items.
  2. Mobs no longer loot player corpses.

Served Characters

  1. Served characters no longer get NULL_BLADE. Null blade negates the damage reduction by Crucitorn.


  1. Some of your favorite 101s and 120s have been made more interesting by the one-and-only Foosha! They use more skills now, and hopefully are even more fun and challenging to fight than before. What’s changed? Finding out is part of the fun!
  2. The key to the pit now works. Find out what has been waiting behind that door all these years….
  3. Space XP resource kits. The Legend 1 Space XP shop now sells kits of resources that can be purchased with Space XP.


  • XP to level has been reduced 25%! Use level in game to see the new values.
  • XP on Kallistas has been increased 25%! We plan to evaluate and adjust other zones as well, especially newbie zones. Walk nwwww;board from Port to get to Kallistas.


  1. Backstab damage has been increased 1x over the current level for levels 1-99, and 3x over the current level for level 100.
  2. Hide now only deactivates when you move or attack. This means you can now do things like check score, eat, drink, and communicate with other players without breaking cover. Note: If you attack from hiding you will not gain another damage bonus from hiding until a tick has passed.
  3. Hide now provides 2x bonus to regen. As such, a smuggler will benefit from hiding before sleeping, resting, sitting, or even just standing to regen.


  1. Droids (subclass) once again regen HP.
  2. Created droids have had their HP doubled, and their AC has been lowered to make them more resilient and stick around longer.
  3. Breakdown is now a level 60 Technician skill, meaning all Technician subclasses (Droids as well as Inventors and Mad Scientists) will get breakdown. With this change, Tinker has been moved to level 66 for Inventors.
  4. A new skill is forthcoming for Inventors at level 90.


  1. The regen rate for levels 1-59 is now 30% of your max HP + whatever multipliers you have per regen pulse (every several seconds). (e.g. Trandoshan’s regen bonus).
  2. Regen from 60-100 is now 5% of your max HP + whatever multipliers you have. This translates to roughly regenning to full while sleeping on the medbay in the merc guild in about 1 minute, and regenning to full while standing in about 3.5 minutes.


  • Salvage is now always successful for players under level 30.


  • You can now train weapon proficiency at guildmasters. No more fighting the training for ages, unless that’s your sort of thing.


  • UNIQUE items now personalize when picked up. Because of this, they are no longer autolooted. Combined with this, shopkeepers now buy these items for a premium price!


  • Fighting Darth Bane will no longer crash the MUD.
  • You can now join lesser classes without an error.
  • Permanent Crucitorn (aka ‘Perm Cruc’) items now work on Sentinels.

The Christmas Zone is open!

Darth Vader walking through a cloud of snow.

The Christmas zone is open! From now until a few days after Christmas, celebrate the holidays with genetically-mutated penguins, cybernetic reindeer, and Jabba the Claus. Bring the whole Rebel squadron or TIE fighter wing!


  • Quest: The Icy Scourge — complete the quest and gain the Snowball spell!
  • Space zone with Santa’s Sleigh (careful, it’s a Super Star Destroyer).
  • Rare sleeping item (Fleece of a genetically-modified polar bear).
  • Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves, and shiny presents!

Jump 282 (Hoth). South, east, north from landing.

December 2019 Update

“There’s been an awakening…”

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is rapidly approaching, so we are all extremely excited and ready for some fun.  We’ve kicked that off with a host of game play updates!  Additionally, December 12th marks Revenge of the Jedi’s 24th Anniversary! You read that right. We booted up our server in 1995 and there’s no sign of stopping.  Here’s a list of some of the events and new features you can see in the game.

December 12th Celebration

  • These bonuses will be in-game on December 12th, machine game-time (US Mountain Standard Time, you can see this with Date command).
  • All Player logging in on the 12th will receive a Reward for visiting.
  • Death Traps will be turned off, you will simply return to port as if you had a Japor snippet or similar item.
  • Subber Equipment loss will be turned off, you will not lose items to subber death on the 12th.

Episode 9 Release Date

  • Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker releases December 19th!!! You better believe we’re gonna be throwing up bonuses and maybe running some quests
  • Please, do NOT talk about the film on public channels until after Christmas. Use a private channel (pcom) for those that want to talk about it.
  • Respect other players right to see and experience the last chapter of the Skywalker Saga for themselves. Failure to abide by this will result at the very least in a long mute, if not more sever punishment at the whims of the Immortals. You’ve been warned!

Countdown to Christmas

  • On December 13th, our very special Christmas zone will open up on the planet Hoth. Enjoy the zone and its rare items for the 12 days leading up to Christmas day. Don’t forget to sip the egg nog!
  • On Christmas day expect more big bonuses to fill your day with Star Wars yuletide cheer!
  • We will keep our winter wonderland holiday zone open through December 30th this year! (The last day of Hanukkah)

Game Design Changes

Quick Kill
Players now have access to the quickkill command. This command will allow you to forgo having to type in the name of a mob to kill them, it will simply select the first mob in the room and you’ll start attacking it. This is great for just grinding mobs and not worrying too much about what you’re killing. But it could also get yourself killed if you’re not pay attention to who is in the room with you or if they walk in at the last second.
Jaster Mereel sneaks in…

Combat Rounds
Time between rounds of combat have been slightly increased to allow for more player actions and reactions.

Rent is no longer a function of rent price of your objects, but a set per diem price (5%) of your total credits. Cryo is an upfront price of 15% of your total credits. If you remain rented longer than your credits will last (20 days), you will not lose any items when you return to the game. However, you will have no cash

Quit now rents you from anywhere. However, it will cost you double the credits and you will return back to Port on Tatooine.

Items left in a dead mob’s corpse will now disintegrate along with the corpse after 5 ticks. Player corpses will continue to leave behind their contents after deterioration.

Identify is now both a skill and a spell. While the skill is available to all players, it will require that you have a reusable scanner item.

Recall is now a skill that is free to use up until level 30. Otherwise, you may use it outside of combat and on a 30 second cooldown for 1% of your total credits. Single-use recall devices or passes will continue to work the same.

Healing Wounds
Healing your wounds at the Medical Guild now can be done without any credit cost. However, you can still pay credits and they will be healed rapidly. The experience point costs remain.

Primary as Lesser Classes
You are now able to join a primary class as your secondary or tertiary class if you have already reached level 100 in that class previously.

Bash/Sweep immunity
Previous stun immunity has been changed to stun resistance, based on mob level

Subber death
Subber death will now affect server deaths – servers beware!

You are now able to practice, train, and gain levels from your original guild master as well as your subguild master. You now only must visit your subguild GM to join the subguild initially.

Auction stat
Stating an item being auctioned (aucstat) is now free of any credit cost.

Weapon/Ship/armor systems now slowly regenerate their ammunition over time or you can rapidly restock or rearm them with ammunition/resupply items.

Newbie gear
New players are given a reusable scanner upon creation. Also, the Newbie Handlight is now a permanent light source.

Teräs Käsi
You can now rejoin the Teräs Käsi lesser class again without the Skill Point cost if you have previously purchased it.

Clan Withdraw/Deposit
Clan bank accounts will no longer be directly accessible by players, in order to avoid them being used as personal piggy banks. Deposits and withdrawals will need to be coordinated with an Immortal.

Happy Halloween 2019

The Halloween Mansion is open and the witches’ brew is brewing in the Halloween zone in the annual location just east of the Tatooine port. Sip the brew when it’s ready and hope to see some sweet, sweet bonuses running over Halloween. Our favorite mudding holiday!

While our numbers make epic player kill quest events difficult these days, expect to see some special baddies loaded up and wandering the mud in the coming week, probably loaded with tasty loot.


This party started way back on December 12th, 1995, and it’s still kicking! Come celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Revenge of the Jedi with bonuses, anniversary cake at the Mos Eisley port on Tatooine, and see Taksun about a bag of party favors!

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you and your families have a happy Thanksgiving! Travel safe…and then come enjoy some fun holiday BONUSES with us!

Happy Halloween 2018

Related image

The witches’ brew is ready in the Halloween zone! Come have a sip to boost your damage output and stick around to run amok with some bonuses running through tomorrow night.

RotJ will be moving to an upgraded server between the hours 2AM and 8AM MST on May 10th.  The outage should only last about 30 minutes but should the game not immediately come back up, it could be down longer, as it’s likely most of us with access to the magic on button will be sleeping.

It should be noted that our physical IP address ( will be changing with this move but the rotjmud.org:9400 address for connecting will still work.

Maybe we’ll put on some bonuses after the move, thanks for playing,