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Like most muds, Revenge of the Jedi is parsed into a series of zones, which in our terms are planets or significant locations, such as Jabba’s Palace.  While our Immortal staff are heavily involved in expanding our galactic play area, dedicated players are also often interested in building a zone for RotJ.  This page is the place to start. Everything you need is here, starting with the application process and requirements for becoming a mortal builder.  Use the links to the left or below to navigate to whatever you need.

Due to a large volume of applicants and limited building space and management capacity, we have developed a set of requirements that must be met before a player is allowed to build a zone for RotJ


  • You must be an active player of RotJ
  • You must have a character of level 60 or above, land or space
  • You must follow the rules of RotJ. People who are caught cheating will not be allowed to build, or will lose builder status if caught cheating
  • You must go through the course at the Circlemud Builders Academy and build a zone of no less than 20 rooms. Containing at least 1 of each file type, object, mob, trigger. This requirement goes for everyone who wants to build for RotJ regardless of building experience. Even the most experienced builder can always learn something new

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