The Halloween Mansion is open and the witches’ brew is brewing in the Halloween zone in the annual location just east of the Tatooine port. Sip the brew when it’s ready and hope to see some sweet, sweet bonuses running over Halloween. Our favorite mudding holiday!

While our numbers make epic player kill quest events difficult these days, expect to see some special baddies loaded up and wandering the mud in the coming week, probably loaded with tasty loot.

This party started way back on December 12th, 1995, and it’s still kicking! Come celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Revenge of the Jedi with bonuses, anniversary cake at the Mos Eisley port on Tatooine, and see Taksun about a bag of party favors!

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The witches’ brew is ready in the Halloween zone! Come have a sip to boost your damage output and stick around to run amok with some bonuses running through tomorrow night.

RotJ will be moving to an upgraded server between the hours 2AM and 8AM MST on May 10th.  The outage should only last about 30 minutes but should the game not immediately come back up, it could be down longer, as it’s likely most of us with access to the magic on button will be sleeping.

It should be noted that our physical IP address ( will be changing with this move but the address for connecting will still work.

Maybe we’ll put on some bonuses after the move, thanks for playing,


A big shout out to Foosha for building our newest large zone addition, the Imperial planet of Scarif.  Scarif, you may recall, is the tropical home of the Death Star plans a daring group of rebels attempt to steal in the movie Rogue One.  Foosha’s Scarif brings you in at the climatic high point of the battle with the Rebel fleet engaging Imperial Star Destroyers and desperately trying to bring down the planet shield gate as heroes on the ground battle to get their hands on those plans.  Most of the big names from the Rogue One movie can be found scattered around Scarif, if only you can bring down that shield gate!

With both space and ground combat in the high level 80-100 range and a brand new autoquest, Scarif is an exciting addition for high level players.  Go check it out,

Hyperspace Jump 909.

Congratulations to our newest immortal Croop, who joins the RotJ leadership ranks this month. Croop’s first contribution to Revenge of the Jedi is the new planet, Aaris III, a massive 759 room zone that he has worked on for a long time.

Aaris III was a jungle world planet planet located in the Outer Rim Territories and the home world of a reptilian society that flourished several thousand years ago. The civilization was destroyed by a relic that may still exist. The Aaris cities have fallen into ruin, mostly reclaimed by the jungle. At least one science team (led by Doctor Lancer Brunou) has been sent to investigate the ruins of Aaris III and the planet has become a point of contention between the Empire and the New Republic.

Croop’s Aaris III will allow you to investigate the planet yourselves, learn the fate of the Aaris people and no doubt, run across other investigative teams. Having looked over the zone myself, there is some fantastic trigger work on the rooms, mobs and objects making this place a lot of fun. So, if your looking for something new in the level range of 30-80, check it out.

Hyperspace Jump 202

ExplosionWith Star Wars Episode VII approaching, we are quite excited and ready to have some fun.  We’ve kicked that off with a host of game play updates!  As is usually the case when rolling out big updates, we took the opportunity to revamp our player and object files while we were in the code, which should make it easier for future enhancements to the game. So….are you ready to start a fresh adventure?

In addition to the approaching movie, December 12th marks Revenge of the Jedi’s 20th Anniversary.  That’s right, we opened our digital doors way back in 1995.  Here’s a list of some of the events and new features you can see in the game.

December 12th Celebration

  • These bonuses will be in-game on December 12th, machine game-time (US Mountain Standard Time, you can see this with Date command).
  • All Player logging in on the 12th will receive a Reward for visiting.
  • Death Traps will be turned off, you will simply return to port as if you had a Japor snippet or similar item.
  • Subber Equipment loss will be turned off, you will not lose items to subber death on the 12th.

Game Design Changes

  • Euthanize is now the name of the Surgeon’s long-awaited level 100 skill.
  • Beguile is the new level 66 skill for the Scoundrel skill class.
  • Repair Ship is a new level 80 Space Engineer skill.
  • Legend 10 characters now get a 50% bonus to exp earned while leveling after remorting
  • Group information with Group command has been aligned to be more readable.
  • Free gifts: After every 5th level gained (land and space), your Guildmaster will now give you a small gift token that can be redeemed for a potentially awesome random item
  • Swindling a mob without targeting a specific item now has a chance to obtain a random item based on the victim’s level.
  • Fortress of Hate now scales the damage it deals back to the attacker based on the Sith Lord’s alignment!

World Changes

  • Items sold in unlimited quantities by game shopkeepers will be marked as not salvageable. 
  • Cline’s Heir is a new Autoquest added to the game that includes an expansion to a couple of existing zones and other additions including an homage to RotJ’s birth mud, Death’s Domain, totaling roughly 420 rooms of content.  This quest is a blatant homage to Ernest Cline’s book, Ready Player One using some of Raistlin’s favorite things.

With this new autoquest, Raistlin is also holding a Quest of sorts.  The first three non-immortal players to finish Cline’s Heir will receive a reward at a time of his choosing.  As we just purged, this could take a bit of time to complete.  We are trusting that our immortal staff will not divulge any hints about how to start or complete this quest.

Bug Fixes

  • Poison skill was only working on wrist blades and should not again be working on all dagger weapons.

Halloween_AddressRevenge of the Jedi’s annual Halloween Haunted Mansion is now open for the season as is last’s year new installment, Elm Street, located in Southern Mos Eisley.  You can expect more bonuses, festivities and hopefully a quest or two leading up to our favorite time of the mud year.  Let’s play!


ChanPalSuReconNearing the end of September I thought I would once again fill you in on some of the game updates over the last couple months.  We’ve had a slight resurgence in coder support, which is always nice and so have been seeing both code and world building efforts making their way into the game.  Some of these changes have been live for a month or two now, while others were surprisingly finished a few hours ago.  Some of us like to surprise.  Also, remember next month is Halloween and you can expect the annual festivities to commence in a few weeks and after that we’ll have our 20th Anniversary coming a week before the release of Episode VII.  Like normal I also want to point you to our facebook page should you want to keep current with game.  Now, on with the update!

Game Design Changes

  • Play Now!  As noted in our previous post, the website Online Client for playing the game from our website is now live.
  • Workbenches have been fixed up.  Partially a bug fix, the Evaluate command was serving double duty as both an object “look closely at” command and for studying details about a possible custom created item.  We have removed this tie and replaced the Evaluate command with Assay, which can now be used to review what item your inventory items could produce.  Reminder you can “look” at a workbench to see a list of available commands.

World Changes

  • The Chancellor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center (ChanPal SuRecon) has been constructed.  This is a 50 room expansion on Coruscant and in the same level range as the general zone (20-45) and includes medical services.  Taxi’s have been given directions to the tower or you can find the landing platform yourself.  Well versed Star Wars fans will recognize this tower and it should be noted this expansion is only the safer, more public and visible portion of a far more dangerous (and awesome) zone we hope to include at a later date.

Bug Fixes

  • Afterburner messages have been corrected.
  • Evaluate will now appropriately disclose the size of a hull.
  • Fixed the problem with Space Scan not working when the player also had the Walker Operator Scan skill.
  • Corrected the Vehicle Level 70 experience cost gain amount.  It was erroneously set to high.
  • Jedi Sentinel’s can no longer be the recipient of Fury (Antisanct).
  • The Wampa combat message no longer copies the Gore combat message.