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Several players and immortals have written excellent game guides to help introduce new players to Revenge of the Jedi and MUDs in general.  Browse through these excellent guides below, and always remember you can find additional assistance on our forum.

What “is” a Mud?

luker2mudSo you call yourself Revenge of the Jedi MUD, so what exactly is a MUD?  Well, you’ll be happy to know it has nothing to do with the surface of Dagobah.  Born over 20 years ago, MUD stands for “Multi-User Dungeon” and was what we had before the World of Warcraft and it’s ilk went all corporate.  Prepare to go retro my friend and read this article on what exactly a MUD is.

RotJ Beginner’s Guide

newbietrainingOk, you got the whole MUD retro idea down and you’re ready to be a new RotJ recruit.  Our Beginner’s guide will step you through the initial steps of getting started with the goal of getting you levelling and having fun on our game in no time!

Paralyse’s Class and Combat Guide

LeiaKillingJabbaAs you level your chosen class, the fights are getting more difficult.   You hear on comlink a group is getting ready to hunt down Boba Fett.  How can you get in on the action and be useful in either solo or group gameplay?  Former player and immortal Paralyse has written a great guide to help you on your way.

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