New Year’s Update!

The updates have been coming hot and heavy over the past few weeks, thanks to Inchoa and Taksun, builders like Wily and Foosha, and suggestions from many players in Discord. Log in and check out the new changes, hang out in Discord, let an imm know if you’d like build, and report bugs and suggest changes via the help desk. Here are the latest changes:

Game Design Changes

New Zone!

A new zone, Den of the White Worm, is now live on Corellia! Designed for levels 25-55, the zone brings the first addition from Solo: A Star Wars Story to the MUD. A big thanks to Wily for building this zone! Follow the smell of trash to find the Den’s entrance.


  1. Death traps no longer destroy all of your eq. Death traps now destroy a certain percentage of your EQ (a la subber death), with the following percentages: 100%, 50%, 25%, and 12%. I.e. you have 100% chance of losing one item, 50% of losing a second item, 25% on the 3rd, and 12% on the fourth. Death trap subber death maxes out at 4 items.
  2. Mobs no longer loot player corpses.

Served Characters

  1. Served characters no longer get NULL_BLADE. Null blade negates the damage reduction by Crucitorn.


  1. Some of your favorite 101s and 120s have been made more interesting by the one-and-only Foosha! They use more skills now, and hopefully are even more fun and challenging to fight than before. What’s changed? Finding out is part of the fun!
  2. The key to the pit now works. Find out what has been waiting behind that door all these years….
  3. Space XP resource kits. The Legend 1 Space XP shop now sells kits of resources that can be purchased with Space XP.


  • XP to level has been reduced 25%! Use level in game to see the new values.
  • XP on Kallistas has been increased 25%! We plan to evaluate and adjust other zones as well, especially newbie zones. Walk nwwww;board from Port to get to Kallistas.


  1. Backstab damage has been increased 1x over the current level for levels 1-99, and 3x over the current level for level 100.
  2. Hide now only deactivates when you move or attack. This means you can now do things like check score, eat, drink, and communicate with other players without breaking cover. Note: If you attack from hiding you will not gain another damage bonus from hiding until a tick has passed.
  3. Hide now provides 2x bonus to regen. As such, a smuggler will benefit from hiding before sleeping, resting, sitting, or even just standing to regen.


  1. Droids (subclass) once again regen HP.
  2. Created droids have had their HP doubled, and their AC has been lowered to make them more resilient and stick around longer.
  3. Breakdown is now a level 60 Technician skill, meaning all Technician subclasses (Droids as well as Inventors and Mad Scientists) will get breakdown. With this change, Tinker has been moved to level 66 for Inventors.
  4. A new skill is forthcoming for Inventors at level 90.


  1. The regen rate for levels 1-59 is now 30% of your max HP + whatever multipliers you have per regen pulse (every several seconds). (e.g. Trandoshan’s regen bonus).
  2. Regen from 60-100 is now 5% of your max HP + whatever multipliers you have. This translates to roughly regenning to full while sleeping on the medbay in the merc guild in about 1 minute, and regenning to full while standing in about 3.5 minutes.


  • Salvage is now always successful for players under level 30.


  • You can now train weapon proficiency at guildmasters. No more fighting the training for ages, unless that’s your sort of thing.


  • UNIQUE items now personalize when picked up. Because of this, they are no longer autolooted. Combined with this, shopkeepers now buy these items for a premium price!


  • Fighting Darth Bane will no longer crash the MUD.
  • You can now join lesser classes without an error.
  • Permanent Crucitorn (aka ‘Perm Cruc’) items now work on Sentinels.