Server move Downtime – May 10th

RotJ will be moving to an upgraded server between the hours 2AM and 8AM MST on May 10th.  The outage should only last about 30 minutes but should the game not immediately come back up, it could be down longer, as it’s likely most of us with access to the magic on button will be sleeping.

It should be noted that our physical IP address ( will be changing with this move but the address for connecting will still work.

Maybe we’ll put on some bonuses after the move, thanks for playing,



  1. Amy Herstein September 14, 2019 11:18 am 

    Good morning. Tried to post this before but bumped into computer woes and think it didn’t work.

    I’ve been having trouble connecting; I work in a MUD client of my own, Windows 10, through a VM on an Apple laptop. I had it fluttering on me from time to time, but it always came back up, though I definitely know that I never ran into any Internet troubles because my Apple browser worked fine. I remember that one day, I could not get on, but it worked for the next few. Then, a week ago, things quit working completely, and I have been totally unable to get on since. A friend told me it was a hosting issue, and he said it would work when I first told him of the problem, and he was right, it did, but I’m running into the same thing again now and am trying to find out if there are, or have been, problems, or if I’m just doing my usual and messing up my machine.

    I restored my VM to defaults a day ago, and it still didn’t work. I get the error code 11004 and am using a saved world file that I’m positive worked before. I also thought I saw other people on at different points so am almost positive I flubbed up something on my end; I only know enough about computers to make myself dangerous! Could someone verify the IP for me or give me any other suggestions for what I’m goofing?

    Thank you.


  2. Raistlin October 12, 2019 2:53 am 

    Sorry this reply is way late and probably either resolved or you don’t care anymore, but I normally login using 9400, the IP is try that?

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