FAQ about Building Zones on RotJ

I’d like to build a zone for RotJ what do I do?

Fill out a builders application and wait for a response from our staff

Do I need to know how to code to build a zone?

Absolutely not, all building is done on our builders port through a program called OLC

What is OLC?

OLC stands for OnLine Creation. It’s a series of menus accessed through the game to set stats for mobs, objects, triggers, shops, rooms, and zone files.

I want to build but I don’t know how, can you teach me?

Unfortunately no. Due to the large number of people who want to build for us, we don’t have the manpower to teach everyone how to build However there are places that do. Everyone who wants to build for RotJ must first go through a preliminary building course at The Builders Academy. Once you’ve learned how to build then you can try filling out a builders application

I don’t want to be a builder for rotj, but I want to build my clanhall can I?

No, clan halls are built by the Revenge of the Jedi Staff and not by mortal builders. You provide the descriptions and layouts to us and we build it for you.

What sort of quality are you looking for in a new zone?

We are always looking to improve the quality of our zones on RotJ. This being said, we have changed over the years our standard of quality, and require our builders to build more interactive quality zones than we have allowed in the past.

How big does my zone have to be?

There is no minimum size requirement for a zone, it simply needs to be in depth for the zones storyline and interactive while having enough to not leave players feeling shortchanged.

What sort of commitment is expected out of a builder for RotJ?

We expect our builders to finish what they start. Don’t be overzealous with your first zone. Try something small and simple first and get it done. Then move on to more complicated work.

How long do I have to finish my zone?

There is no time limit given on finishing a zone. As long as you are actively working on it! Actively working on your zone means logging in at least once or twice a week or so to put some time on it. As long as your continually logging in and working, we aren’t going to rush you to finish. If you have to go inactive for long periods of time, just let us know so we don’t delete your work.

If I do build a zone, does it have to be star wars themed?

Yes of course. We are a Star Wars mud, new zones need to be Star Wars themed. We try to avoid tributing other genres or movies in our zones all though from time to time we do make exceptions, but not always.

I heard you have to build a zone to become an immortal, is this true?

Yes, building a zone is one of the 3 requirements for becoming an immortal on RotJ. The other 2 requirements are hitting level 80 and being voted in by the rest of the staff.

Note: Building a zone does not gaurantee an immortal position!!

I’m an experienced coder, can I code for RotJ?

We only let active immortals who have proven both that they can code and that they can be trusted have access to our codebase.

I’ve built a zone, why haven’t you put it in already!!!!

It takes time for our staff to review finished zones to go into the game. Be patient and don’t pester the staff, it will happen when it happens.

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