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Date: April, 2009

To: All Players

From: Mount Meru




1. New skill for commandos: Berserk. See help berserk for more info. (Marky)

2. Farm Food for farmers is now a skill. Food produced with the skill will give the consumer a bonus depending on the food, farm level, etc. See help farm for more info. Also, “taste”ing food will tell the farmer what the food effect bonus is. (Raistlin)

Bug Fixes:

1. Scavenge set to go off at corpse level, not player level. (Marky)

2. Ofire bugs fixed for both mobs and players. (Marky)

3. Fixed bugs with personal parts armor systems and loading. (Marky)

4. Boost Morale now works during combat, no longer requires combat healing. (Marky)

5. Status command for ships will now list all ship systems, not just the ones with armaments. (marky)

6. Report in sky room will now report ship stats. (Raistlin)

7. Force Field focus corrected in score. (Raistlin)

8. Charmies now purge themselves 7 ticks after they stop following their master. No more Galtins hanging around in the post office! (Raistlin)

Other Things:

1. Typos!

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