February 2014 Update

It’s been some time since we last posted an update to the page, we’ve been a bit distracted these days and things are still rolling here on Meru. As follows are some of the more significant changes we’ve made in the last couple months. Also, we’d like to note our facebook page is seeing alot more activity these days, follow us there to keep update to keep more current with day to day events. In time well look into keeping the webpage, twitter and facebook all in sync so you’ll never miss out.

Game Changes

  • Restring Tokens now have a set number of uses and can be used by players to restring (change the name) of their equipment without having to get an immortal involved.
  • Custom Items will now have a rent cost of 0. If you have a pre-existing custom item, you can update it’s rent to 0 by using the ‘cupdate’ command.
  • Upon Death, a character is no longer disconnected from the game. Instead they are now transferred to a limbo room with a down exit that leads to port. The Limbo room is a safe zone. You will still create a corpse in game, suffer wounds, lose all spells, followers, etc just like is normal.
  • Equipped Customs now save over death!!! They will be equipped on you instead of your corpse. Customs in bags or in inventory will still end up your in your corpse. Items inside of your custom ship, will remain in your custom ship.
  • Grouping has been modified so that all members of the group can have followers. This means that even if you’re not the leader, your followers can get the killing blow on the mob and have the experience/sp/qps received split amongst the whole party.
  • Lights can now be upgraded with power supplies. Better the power supply, the longer the light will last. Top level parts will make the light permanent.
  • Legendary Players can now buy a token that will allow them access to a special workbench that they can use to modify objects. Some of the changes are: *making items !subber, !donate, !junk, or !sell *removing the FRAGILE flag *lowering the odds it gets damaged in combat *making it upgradeable
  • MURDER command must now be used to kill followers so no longer will you type ‘kill droid’ and whack on of your own group
  • Sith Lords who can see in Darkness will now autoassist
  • Subber rate lowered on FRAGILE equipment and increased the bonus on QUEST equipment gets to not get subbered
  • Experience needed to level on land or train prof has been lowered by 25%
  • Legendary Droid – A new Legend Bonus that can be bought that will give a boost to the stats of droid followers

World Changes

  • Mara Jade has joined the ranks of the Legendary Mobs. Her stats and eq have been increased to reflect this.
  • Legendary Rooms added to the game. Mini-zones that will will require the Legendary Bonus to access.
  • Corellian Space Zone is now Live!

Bug Fixes

  • Blockade skill now improves
  • Fixed a bug with Create Ship and Level Checks
  • Fixed a bug with Engineers and Probe Droids
  • Fixed a bug with energy shields that was causing some of the damage soak to be affected
  • Fixed a bug with some of the redeemable legend tokens not working
  • Create droid can no longer be used in combat
  • Fixed bug in snare, you’ll no longer be able to walk out of the room when snared before combat starts
  • Armor technician mobs will now properly work with the ‘service’ command