July 2015 Update


The Dowager Queen (Episode IV)

Once every year or so I take it upon myself to begin planned monthly or quarterly updates and then do nothing following that first update for over a year.  I might as well call it a yearly update, but here we go, once again I’ll be attempting at least a quarterly update…if there is something worth talking about!  The changes to Revenge of the Jedi MUD over the last several months are listed below.  Also, I’d like to note our facebook page should be your first stopping point for keeping up with game events.  It’s our primary home these days.

Game Design Changes

  • Disintegrate will no longer have a chance of affecting Custom Items.
  • Players should now be able to target alternate equipped items of the same name with standard 2.item logic.  For example, if wearing 2 shimmering cloaks on their person, they can put items into and examine the second cloak by naming it 2.cloak.  This was previously not possible with worn equipment.
  • Room traps that damage NPC’s can no longer deliver a deathblow.  Instead the NPC will enter a mortally wounded status (-10 hp) and stop following their master (if they had one).  Note they will probably bleed out and die afterwards.  This change will resolve a nasty crash bug most commonly encountered when running Recon droids through damaging rooms.

World Changes

  • The Dowager Queen long a landmark on the Tatooine streets has been expanded into a minor NEWBIE zone, 20-30 rooms in size.
  • Blindness and Force Sleep training guides have had their skill point costs equalized with their help files.

Bug Fixes

  • Advance Sense Danger now functions like it should
  • Failure of Raise Funds should no longer trigger aggression from other player’s followers
  • Ryloth turbolift door and other reported key issues have been corrected.
  • Eye of Vex, Wickets Cowl and a few similar item mistakes making said items unusable have been corrected.
  • Autoquest’s failing to update their status do to players in Darkness or otherwise invisible has been corrected.