June 2013 Update

Here’s a friendly update on the active things coming from Mt. Meru. Some of these have been in for a while, others are new this most recent uptime.


  • New elite class of legend NPCs, [**LEGENDARY**]
  • Starred legends will now receive a random item for every 100 legend NPC kills
  • Some starred legends have been boosted/strengthened, be advised
  • All legendary NPCs no longer display their worn equipment


  • Hide skill now boosts regen of smugglers
  • Leadership skill is now useable in combat
  • Legendary mobs now have a chance to break through the Cordon skill
  • Force lightning now has a chance to cause an electrocution effect on the victim
  • Disintegration now looks for NPC/players before looking for items
  • The duration of time for Barrier Field has been slightly lowered
  • Force Bind can now be stopped with Peace and has a lower per-round focus cost
  • Cloaking system now working, but any attempt to communicate (comlink/auction) reveal you
  • Conceal now breaks when combat begins
  • Protect skill can now be used in combat. There is a slight lag associated with switching protection
  • Aware NPCs (unable to be surprised with backstab/snipe) will become less aware over time
  • Any attacks against an NPC will make them aware and alert now
  • Glance skill can show if NPCs are aware and alert or not, but may also alert the NPC if noticed
  • Mercs can now use the “Calm” skill to remove their Rage or Frenzy
  • Slash can now slice through some doors, similar to the Bash skill
  • Bayonet secondary system can now allow players to “Slice” through being snared

SP skills

  • Advance Sense Danger – Augments Sixth Sense/Sense Danger to allow Commandos and Force Users to dodge the first attack from aggressive enemies
  • Force Block – Allows a Force User to try and block an attack when they are caught without their lightsaber