March 2009 Update Banner

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Date: March, 2009

To: All Players

From: Mount Meru

Hurray for spring! Warm weather, picnics, bbqs! Of course, none of us will be attending because we will all be inside on our computers doing group kills on Yoda or something. Muahahaha!

I think the Imms are in a good mood because of the weather. There have been a ton of awesome new changes this month!

So grab a beer (or soda) and a hotdog, and let’s get started!


1. Blitz damage has been doubled. (Marky)

2. There is a status command message for secondary weapons systems. Also increased the accuracy for secondary weapons. (Marky)

3. There is now a small duranium resource cost for stock repair kit. (Marky)

4. Enhance ship will now only work with PILOTED ships, no argument needed to use, just type ‘enhance’ and whatever you are piloting gets upped (means it works in space now). (Marky)

5. Reconstruct body is in for Surgeons. Help Reconstruct Body in game for details. (Marky)

6. Impale is in for SIth Marauders. Help Impale in game for details. (Marky)

7. New skill called “Under Fire” for Combat Medic. Help Under Fire in game for details. (Marky)

8. Scan no longer requires a skill to use in space. A new “Scanning Array” object is in and can be found somewhere in game. (Marky)

9. Take Aim is in for Assassins. Help Take Aim in game for details. (Marky)

10. New Ion Cannon secondary weapons system for land. Install kits are now somewhere in the game. (Marky)

11. Added a wear-off message for the Condition skill effect. (Raistlin)


Other Things:

1. Quest points won by killing lvl 101+ mobs will now be randomized to someone in the ground instead of just going to the individual delivering the killing blow. Pets are excluded from the random roll of course. (Raistlin)

2. Recall devices no longer work during a PK. However, the Bounty Hunter skill “Word of Recall” still will be usable. Also recall devices now require you to designate a who, i.e. use probe Sophi; use probe self. (Marky)

2. Bayonets are in. (Marky)

2. Ssither diary now has !junk flag. Anyone caught going out of their way to remove !junk items from the game will be punished. (Marky)

2. Small players will now get an additional 30 quick, dex and charisma trains. Large players will now get an additional 30 con and str trains. (Marky)

2. Forums now have a Blog function. Woohoo! Also you can now have multiple accounts tied to the same email address, so you can have an account per alt if you want to. Might be useful for roleplayers. (Marky)

2. Lots of new socials added. Check them out! (Tristen)

2. Jedi guild guard in Mos Eisley will once again deny access to Sith. (Raistlin)

2. Fleet Advanced changed so you do not attack the target mob if your auto-assist if off when you are the follower. Also you must be in the same room as the person doing the fleet advance. Help Fleet advance in game for more information. (Raistlin)

2. Force push changed to no longer command lag the caster, instead it has a 10 second reuse timer. (Raistlin)

2. Wicked Hive autoquest is complete. (Raistlin)

And, as usual, tons of typos fixed!

* * * * End Transmission * * * *