New Zone: Scarif

A big shout out to Foosha for building our newest large zone addition, the Imperial planet of Scarif.  Scarif, you may recall, is the tropical home of the Death Star plans a daring group of rebels attempt to steal in the movie Rogue One.  Foosha’s Scarif brings you in at the climatic high point of the battle with the Rebel fleet engaging Imperial Star Destroyers and desperately trying to bring down the planet shield gate as heroes on the ground battle to get their hands on those plans.  Most of the big names from the Rogue One movie can be found scattered around Scarif, if only you can bring down that shield gate!

With both space and ground combat in the high level 80-100 range and a brand new autoquest, Scarif is an exciting addition for high level players.  Go check it out,

Hyperspace Jump 909.