News 7/6/2011

HOLY DROIDS! The Technician skill “Create Droid” has been TOTALLY REVAMPED!

Some droid types have been tweaked or even removed, but more importantly we have ALL NEW droid types that are sub-guild specific and acquired at certain levels all the way up to level 100. Create droid skill is now no longer a spell you cast and each droid type varies in the resource costs associated. So login and get ready for an army of Droidekas or your very own shop-keeper droid to sell your inventions!

Also, the Droid Handler lesser class has been retooled and now has two unique types of droids that any Droid Handler can create even if they’re not a Technician. Droid handling is not just for the Techs anymore.

Finally, there are now several types of special “Advanced Droids” that can be learned by purchasing schematics with Skill Points from special vendors. Most are only available to Technicians, but every player can buy and learn to create their very own R2 unit or 3PO protocol droid to help them out.

See the help files for “create droid” “droid handler” and “advanced droids” for more info and if you’re still confused, just ask somebody.

–The RotJ Staff