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Usage: areas [-all | min-max]

Lists most of the available zones in the mud, that are open for

No arguments: lists all the zones that are deemed ‘suitable’ for your
level, plus or minus 5. For example a level 20 character, it would show
all zones that might be suitable for 15-25.

-all : lists all the zones
min-max : lists all the zones suitable for the level interval given.

Please Note: The levels given in this listing are approximations only.
Be wary when exploring new zones, some things may be harder or easier
than this list might imply.

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  1. Amy September 11, 2019 9:40 am  Reply

    I may be doing something wrong but have not been able to connect via a MUD client I use in Windows. It fluttered in and out intermittently over the last few days and didn’t work at all for about two. My Internet is up and running with no issues. I have saved the connection file in my client, and I can definitely say that using it worked, even during the days when the ability to connect fluctuated. I haven’t changed any part of it. Have connection details changed, and where might I find them to verify I didn’t make any type-o’s? Thanks so much.

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