February 2013 Update

Here’s a friendly update from Mount Meru:


  • Mind Trick – now opened up to work on significantly more mobs. Particularly, mobs that were push-able can now be “persuaded” to move with a mind trick.
  • Word of Recall… is gone! Bounty hunters will now be getting wrist worn weaponry at level 51 in the place of word of recall. So keep some passes handy now, you have been warned.
  • Retreat, group retreat, and casualty evacuation – these will no longer allow you to go into a deathtrap.

New Skills!

  • Snare – Bounty hunters utilize grappling hook armor system to ensnare opponents, preventing fleeing. Those with lightsabers or daggers can “slice” themselves free, mercs can use their strength to break the snare, and the force power Peace will drop any ensnarement in the room.
  • Drag – once a player is snared, a bounty hunter can “drag” that opponent to an adjacent room.
  • Whirlwind – like Berserk, this will allow a dagger, melee, or lightsaber user to hit all visible mobs in a room. (SP Skill)
  • Force Sleep – allows a Jedi to use the Force to cause an opponent to enter a deep sleeping trance.