Official RotJ Newsletter – Sept ’09

Fall is fast approaching, and you know what that means. Cold weather, warm soup, and plenty more time to Mud! It also means Halloween is practically around the corner. For October, there will be a Player of the Month contest where you can create a costume for your character. The winner gets to wear his or her costume around. So check the forums and get to work!
Speaking of forums, probably one of the biggest changes is the website. A lot of work has been put into giving it better functionality. Thank you Oni and anyone else who has helped make these changes. Very cool!
There hasn’t been a large quantity of changes lately, but the changes made are big ones. Below is a breakdown of what happened. You can get more info on these changes in the Changes section of the forum on
  • The Jedi Tower on Coruscant has had some mob tweaks, so be careful! (Tristen)
  • There’s a new newbie/lowbie space zone at jump 487. (Omicron)
  • Scoundrel Level 100 now has a skill, Cheat. See help files for more info. (Raistlin)
Other Things:
  • Auction has been changed so that a minlevel will show up in the auction message. No more wasting credits to find out you can’t use it! (Raistlin)
  • Quest items are now considered personal items. This means a quest item purchased by one player can no longer be sold to other players. (Raistlin)
  • Added 2 new quest items for sale. A one use item that can be used to heal permanent wounds your character has suffered and a piece of equipment that can help those who are deathly afraid of subber death. (Raistlin)
Get your RotJ swag: (I already have a mug and t-shirt!) **All monies collected will go to the support of the ROTJ mud and nothing else.