Functions n sh*t



Door – pulls back from Doors[]

Force – Force[]

Load – Load[]

Purge – purge[]

Teleport – teleport[]

Damage – damage[]

Send – send[]

Echo – echo[]

Echoaround – echo[]

Faction <int>- mfaction/ofaction/wfaction ???

Note** Know Mfaction exists, dunno about rest

Blacksun_power <int>

Techno_status <int>

Force_balance <int>

(DO NOT USE) cubestatus <int>

Time – Returns acccess to Ingame Time.

Time has additional fields

  • Hour, Day, Month Year as Ints


Time.hour could return 12

MachineTime – Returns access to Real World Time

Has additional fields

  • Hour, day,month,year,second,minute


if(%Machinetime.year% == 2010)

Mobcount_room / mobcount_zone / mobcount_world /

Objcount_room / objcount_zone / objcount_world

Takes parameter <Int> returns a count

Ie %mobcount_room.12 04% would be meru


Fields – char (%random.char%)

If used on mob trig gets random char from room with mob

Obj – same as above, random char from room with obj

Room – same as above chars in room

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