What’s New this Purge

The November 1st, 2007 full player purge is our first complete purge in many years and we’re taking the opportunity to reinvent several aspects of RotJ to hopefully create new discoveries and challenges for players as well as align ourselves more closely with the Star Wars Universe.  The following is list of game changes is by no means complete, but these are the major changes implemented this purge.

  • The Sith primary class has been removed from the game and the Jedi primary class expanded to function as the starter class for both the Jedi and Sith subguild classes.  At level 60 a Jedi must choose between five subguild options, three of which are Jedi and two of which are Sith.  The Jedi class is no longer the “healing” class of RotJ and skill trees have been modified to represent this.
  • A new primary class, the Medic is being introduced to serve the healing roll in game.  You will notice the class is an expansion of the Medic secondary class that is no longer available as a secondary.  Surgeon and Combat medic are it’s available subguilds.
  • The Pirate subguild has been remade into the Scoundrel subguild with skills focused for land combat like every other land class in game.
  • The Transport Captain space class has been renamed Pirate.
  • The skill trees of all classes and subguilds has “re-spaced”.
  • The Death System has been changed.  Previously death caused the loss of experience with the possibility of level loss.  No more.  Death now will cause a player to suffer wounds of various severity.  These wounds are detrimental to your character and are permanent until healed through a shop or medical skill.  Healing of wounds requires the expenditure of experience points.  Subber death equipment loss is still in game.
  • Weapon profiencies will no longer be class related. For example a smuggler can be equally as good with either a Blaster or a Vibroknife.  Multiwield is no longer a class based skill and is a function of the weapon profiency system.
  • Two new Secondary classes are now available.  The Stormtrooper and Vehicle Operator.  These classes are built so that
    at level twenty you choose a specialization.
  • A Vehicle combat system has been put in place to allow players to ride Walkers, Tanks and Speederbikes into combat. This is similar to space combat on land.  COmbat vehicles have their own damage dice, special systems, hull points, etc.  Since this system is in its infancy you can expect a number of fixes, tweaks and modifications to how vehicle combat works.

  • Medics and healing, not only have medics become a primary class and the primary form of healing now, but the heals themselves have also been changed so they are no longer force-based. They require item componants to use.

  • A few spells have been reworked so they are now commands, some of them also now require an item component to use. Do not assume that the command versions spells are designed to work in the exact same manner as the spell versions! Some now have new limitations, or expansions.
  • Server experience bonus was toned down. Jedis may no longer serve the emperor.
  • Group spells/skills will no longer function correctly if there is not a person in the room who is both able to use/cast the skill/spell and currently has the skill/spell active and working.
  • Many of your subguild masters have changed!!!! Iella is no longer the medic guildmaster. The sith guild hall has been removed and the medic guild has been built in it’s place. Quests that might have been in this area have been modified.