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Here’s a friendly update on the active things coming from Mt. Meru. Some of these have been in for a while, others are new this most recent uptime.


  • New elite class of legend NPCs, [**LEGENDARY**]
  • Starred legends will now receive a random item for every 100 legend NPC kills
  • Some starred legends have been boosted/strengthened, be advised
  • All legendary NPCs no longer display their worn equipment


  • Hide skill now boosts regen of smugglers
  • Leadership skill is now useable in combat
  • Legendary mobs now have a chance to break through the Cordon skill
  • Force lightning now has a chance to cause an electrocution effect on the victim
  • Disintegration now looks for NPC/players before looking for items
  • The duration of time for Barrier Field has been slightly lowered
  • Force Bind can now be stopped with Peace and has a lower per-round focus cost
  • Cloaking system now working, but any attempt to communicate (comlink/auction) reveal you
  • Conceal now breaks when combat begins
  • Protect skill can now be used in combat. There is a slight lag associated with switching protection
  • Aware NPCs (unable to be surprised with backstab/snipe) will become less aware over time
  • Any attacks against an NPC will make them aware and alert now
  • Glance skill can show if NPCs are aware and alert or not, but may also alert the NPC if noticed
  • Mercs can now use the “Calm” skill to remove their Rage or Frenzy
  • Slash can now slice through some doors, similar to the Bash skill
  • Bayonet secondary system can now allow players to “Slice” through being snared

SP skills

  • Advance Sense Danger – Augments Sixth Sense/Sense Danger to allow Commandos and Force Users to dodge the first attack from aggressive enemies
  • Force Block – Allows a Force User to try and block an attack when they are caught without their lightsaber


JediMentorThe instructors for the Jedi subguilds have been changed up to better match the subclasses:

  • Sentinels will need to seek out Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Defenders can be learn from Mace Windu or Jedi Master Luke Skywalker
  • To Yoda, Consulars will need to go

Here’s a friendly update from Mount Meru:


  • Mind Trick – now opened up to work on significantly more mobs. Particularly, mobs that were push-able can now be “persuaded” to move with a mind trick.
  • Word of Recall… is gone! Bounty hunters will now be getting wrist worn weaponry at level 51 in the place of word of recall. So keep some passes handy now, you have been warned.
  • Retreat, group retreat, and casualty evacuation – these will no longer allow you to go into a deathtrap.

New Skills!

  • Snare – Bounty hunters utilize grappling hook armor system to ensnare opponents, preventing fleeing. Those with lightsabers or daggers can “slice” themselves free, mercs can use their strength to break the snare, and the force power Peace will drop any ensnarement in the room.
  • Drag – once a player is snared, a bounty hunter can “drag” that opponent to an adjacent room.
  • Whirlwind – like Berserk, this will allow a dagger, melee, or lightsaber user to hit all visible mobs in a room. (SP Skill)
  • Force Sleep – allows a Jedi to use the Force to cause an opponent to enter a deep sleeping trance.

Here is a rundown of the major changes implemented with the Purge…

  1. We have a retooled the way hitpoints and focus points are gained. Your class and size are now more important than your race. You will now see much less spread in the stats between races of similar size in class. So try a new race out!
  2. Small size characters dodge. To reflect their small, nimble nature and increase survivability, smaller characters have a slight chance to naturally dodge some attacks.
  3. Subguild skills have been redistributed and in some instances reorganized. Help files have been updated to reflect these changes.
  4. The quest shops have been revamped! Rather than exclusively set pieces the year, the question up now focuses on one time use items as well as single use items to improve your existing equipment. Additionally, there is now also a questi shop vendor which will sell high-level random equipment for quest points. Expect to see the new items rolled out in the coming days.
  5. The legend system is back! Now, rather than obtaining legend points from killing certain mobs, you buy legend levels with a combination of skill points and quest points. Each legend level (10 total) allows access to certain sp skills, quest items, and eventually special SP lesser classes! Level 10 legends may also choose to play with full-looting among other legends.
  6. Force healing and mend wounds have seen significant increase in focus cost for use. Plan your new character’s focus pool accordingly.
  7. Experience gained from healing other players has been increased.
  8. Unique items. A new flag will be seen on items called “unique” which means that you can rent with a single copy of that item. This will help prevent hoarding up some items and allow us to offer otherwise restricted items.
  9. Rent limits. Now certain items have different limitations on the number which you can rent with. Secondary ammo and utility items such as passes now have their own rent limits instead of going towards the general limit. Other all other item types have the same restrictions.
  10. This is just the beginning! We’ve improved several things on the backend and can now continue to roll out updates as we complete them. So keep your eyes peeled for things like Arms Dealer and Slave Trader as Lesser Classes and skills such as Force Tracking and Transmitter Gates to appear in the near future!

December 17, 2012

11:59 pm EST


We are planning on a complete system wipe and restore.


That’s right, we’re purging.


For old players, you’ll remember a purge reinvigorates and is an exciting chance for everything to start fresh.


For new players, (who may want to cry at losing their characters) please know that this will allow us to put in some additional features/changes in the code and isn’t something we do regularly. Our last purge like this was November 1, 2007 (and it was a surprise to all the players).


There will be some new things that are going in with this purge. Some will be ready and implemented on day one, others over time. Some will have a noticeable impact, others will be behind the scenes. We will do our best to let you know about most of the changes that impact you.


Updates on changes will be through the website, when we’re ready to announce them. So please don’t spend the next 3 weeks asking over comlink “hey so what’s going to be new with the purge?”

RotJ staff is very pleased to announce…

A brand new, all improved, RotJ Training Academy! New players (and new characters for old players) will now begin their adventure at the Academy located at an undisclosed location.

The Academy is designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to play RotJ, as well as information about all our features, in a fun and interactive experience.

So come join us and start your adventure today!

HOLY DROIDS! The Technician skill “Create Droid” has been TOTALLY REVAMPED!

Some droid types have been tweaked or even removed, but more importantly we have ALL NEW droid types that are sub-guild specific and acquired at certain levels all the way up to level 100. Create droid skill is now no longer a spell you cast and each droid type varies in the resource costs associated. So login and get ready for an army of Droidekas or your very own shop-keeper droid to sell your inventions!

Also, the Droid Handler lesser class has been retooled and now has two unique types of droids that any Droid Handler can create even if they’re not a Technician. Droid handling is not just for the Techs anymore.

Finally, there are now several types of special “Advanced Droids” that can be learned by purchasing schematics with Skill Points from special vendors. Most are only available to Technicians, but every player can buy and learn to create their very own R2 unit or 3PO protocol droid to help them out.

See the help files for “create droid” “droid handler” and “advanced droids” for more info and if you’re still confused, just ask somebody.

–The RotJ Staff

The lag on stunning skills (bash/sweep/force push etc) has been adjusted in two important ways:

  1. If you START combat using a stunning skill you will be unable to flee or even recall for a few rounds.
  2. You will no longer suffer lag preventing flee/retreat/escape when using stunning skills DURING combat.

Please see the forum for more information and consider yourself informed!

–The RotJ Staff

News for today

  • New item type “Bandolier” is in. It is a container exclusively for the use of throwing items and will automatically be used with “throw” when worn on the waist, about body, held, or in your inventory. Expect to see new bandolier items appearing as well as new use for old ones.
  • The skill “Bombardment” is now live and also being used by some mobs as well as Scoundrels. Be warned that Han Solo is a true scoundrel and will also utilize this skill along with Wild Card. Be careful!

–The RotJ Staff

Fall is fast approaching, and you know what that means. Cold weather, warm soup, and plenty more time to Mud! It also means Halloween is practically around the corner. For October, there will be a Player of the Month contest where you can create a costume for your character. The winner gets to wear his or her costume around. So check the forums and get to work!
Speaking of forums, probably one of the biggest changes is the website. A lot of work has been put into giving it better functionality. Thank you Oni and anyone else who has helped make these changes. Very cool!
There hasn’t been a large quantity of changes lately, but the changes made are big ones. Below is a breakdown of what happened. You can get more info on these changes in the Changes section of the forum on
  • The Jedi Tower on Coruscant has had some mob tweaks, so be careful! (Tristen)
  • There’s a new newbie/lowbie space zone at jump 487. (Omicron)
  • Scoundrel Level 100 now has a skill, Cheat. See help files for more info. (Raistlin)
Other Things:
  • Auction has been changed so that a minlevel will show up in the auction message. No more wasting credits to find out you can’t use it! (Raistlin)
  • Quest items are now considered personal items. This means a quest item purchased by one player can no longer be sold to other players. (Raistlin)
  • Added 2 new quest items for sale. A one use item that can be used to heal permanent wounds your character has suffered and a piece of equipment that can help those who are deathly afraid of subber death. (Raistlin)
Get your RotJ swag: (I already have a mug and t-shirt!) **All monies collected will go to the support of the ROTJ mud and nothing else.